Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (Kind- Looking In)

One day Murphy and I was going though a box of stuff. Could someone be kind enough and tell me what this is.

I want to post a picture of our yule tree in last weekend photo hunt but it wasn't up. So I went outside to our front window and look in at the yule tree.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be End  and or Gathering

I know none of us yet had our Christmas celebration but one of my coffee pals “Carla” of Half a Dozen Daily will be hosting a Decluttering and No-Low Spend Challenge  in the month of January 2013. I haven't figure what I'll do but the prize are great.

So On the Twenty Six I have a food spending challenge that I'll be posting and maybe by then I'll have it figured out what I could possible do for Carla January challenge

Friday I took my Friend Quenella into town. Thursday would have been a little more tiring we end up with eleven and quarter inches of snow.
I didn't have that much to do in town. Mail one package off to Bart girl friend Edna who on the Oregon coast. I hope she get it buy Christmas but she an adult.
So as Quenella taking care of her self in town I went out to Ellie and took her a burger from zips.

Quenella accidentally grab a package of mine behind the pick up seat. Our pick-up is crew cab my weather report which I put in the Christmas Card is in the sack and couple of over-due books from our local library. The reason I stick weather report...Confession time...Some time I think those who put a form letter in their Christmas card is like eating chocolate cover cherries...sickening sweet.


  1. Difficult to say what it is, looks like a thermometer in Celsius, but the rest ??
    Merry Christmas to you too !

  2. I have no idea what that thing is... some KIND of gadget!

    I hope you find nothing but Kindness this Christmas ~

  3. Interesting looking, I have no idea what it is!
    Merry Xmas to you and yours!

  4. I love weird and wonderful contraptions. No idea, but it looks like a temperature gauge

    No snow here in my part of the world. 39C expected today.

    Unexpected flowers given to me by kind people

  5. I've seen a lot of things in my life but not one of those, but I know that it's not any kind of a thermometer.

    It's most likely some kind of an old angle indicater.

  6. I have no idea what that is. Not seen in my part of the world.

    Merry Christmas Dora and family!

  7. Great idea for the looking in theme! Merry Christmas my blogging friend :)

  8. Happy Christmas to you :-)

  9. Hi Dora, That's a really interesting object but not really sure either what it could be. I'll be interested to hear if any photohunters can identify it for you.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  10. I guess it's some kind of measuring device -- but for what I don't know. Think it takes some knowledge as well as kindness to answer your question! ;b

  11. I don't kind decluttering which is my husband's love. after that, he says isn't this good? I ask, where is my ___?

  12. I like the photo of the tree reflection. And the birdhouse ornament is my favorite one.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. :)

  13. I tried all week to comment, but Blogger wouldn't let me.

    That's a very strange thing to find inside a box. Did you figure out what it is?


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