Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (end-gathering)

End of wrapping presents. This was last gift I the time I got to the end of wrapping the yo-yo I figure how it could have been done better. 

Gathering up the ornament after the pets knocked over the ornaments off the tree. This happen as we were over at my in-laws...So Boo, Carson and Daisy are guilty. 

Next weekend photo hunt will be add and or self-portrait

A short thing to mention that I add one more blog to my coffee rich on the cheap


  1. Fun choices for the themes, now that Christmas is over we can concentrate on New Year's, happy 2013!

    end ~

  2. Work is finished until the next birthday or Christmas !
    Next theme is not really "portrait" but only a glimpse of you. Some people don't like to show their portraits, so a piece of you is sufficient, lol !

  3. Good thing the ornaments didn't break. :D Happy New Year!

  4. No more wrapping Christmas presents until next year! It is always a joy to see the kids screaming happily after tearing off the wrapping paper. :P

  5. I was pleased to see the end of the christmas wrapping as well. Like you my last items were not as neat as the first.

    I haven't finished wrapping for the year though, my daughter has a birthday on 31st Dec so I am wrapping a birthday present for her.

  6. I didn't wrap a damn thing, I don't do the christmas bullshit.

  7. If my human had to wrap a yo-yo, THAT would have been some adventure!

    We did not have a tree this year. My human is NO fun!

  8. I need to pop over to your new blog. Here's hoping you have a healthy and happy 2013.

    Gill in Canada

  9. Happy New Year from sunny Singapore, peppylady!! May 2013 bring you much joy and happiness!

  10. Looks like you were busy over the Christmas period! ;b


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