Friday, December 21, 2012

New For Yule 2012 Unto 2013

First day of winter is here now. I have or I should admit I'm feeling gloomy now. But I been trying to do little bit here and there.
As you can see I did get up a yule tree. I was surprise how much I like a pine instead of fir for a yule tree.

Every year I pick up a few new ornaments. I personal don't care for one color or style of ornament on yule tree. 

So I got this little bird house in a thrift store in Sandpoint.
This angel I got at my T.O.P.S brunch.
I paint up ceramic ornaments for little people and haven't kept anything for my self to add to our tree. This year I decided to keep this one.

If any of your wonder what type of tree it is. This year we got a white pine which is Idaho state tree 

This time of the year I do some cleaning out of coffee pals. But I add nine new blogs to read in 2013.
Here they are.

Not Just Greenfingers 
If some reason if your wondering why pick my coffee pals. I don't have to have a reason it my blog.
If there a few minute check them out. I try to pick variety of different type of blogs to read.

I find I'm not as constrict in blogging to me it more free flowing. Not say I don't do other social media on the internet. If for some reason I had to, need to, or want give up something I would close down my facebook and twitter accounts before I would stop blogging...I'm one who doesn't blog every day.

Plus I actual enjoy blogging.

I found this site though anther blog called Whispering Sweet Nothing and she trying to get a coast to coast
map of different bloggers.

Coffee is on.


  1. I'd feel gloomy if I had to put up a tree, haven't done christmas for years, think it's all stupid.

    I'll check out the blogs.

  2. Now the days will start getting longer, this pleases me. :-)

  3. Anonymous12:06 AM

    When days are dark at this time of year it does make everyone feel gloomy. I find it helps me sometimes to get cosy under a blanket, with a nice hot chocolate and watch a good film like 'It's a Wonderful Life'...cheesy I know, but it helps!

    By the way, thank you for mentioning my blog

  4. Wish you had a wonderful Christmas and may this New Year be fruitful. :) Thank you for stopping my blog and for commenting. Returning the favor now. :)

    Adin B


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