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Sunday, December 02, 2012

It's Going To Be Ok. I Didn't Say Great.

Kinda of an ok day. Worked on few light project. I thought once we had a computer paper work would be on a lighter scale, its not true.
So this morning Hubby and I went into town and I want to purchase a couple of binders one for my recipes from T.O.P.S and the other one for general T.O.P.S crap. The thrift store that open on Sunday actual had a photo binder just one, it was .49¢ So I put some plastic sleeve in and put the T.O.P.S recipe in.

Still hacking way at basement went though a box of Christmas stuff which had different parts to several
nativity sets. Then went though a box of wrapping paper and stuff like that. The only thing left here in basement is a cardboard barrel and one large box to go though.
I start on the cardboard box I took out long handle items such as mops like items and a mobile clothes rack. Murphy needs to see what is good or not. Personal I would like to get rid of everything except for the clothes rack but like to figure how to store it a smaller area.

I mange to get rid a few old seed catalogs from 2012 and now we're receiving 2013. So the old ones into recycling and a few other items. I got some New Yorker Magazines which I'll take in to the thrift store. I took in a small bag from which I clean from the basement.

My friend LaWalla fell and broke her leg so the ambulance took her in and I took her home. For pain she using Lettuce Valerian and Willow something or other.


BBC said...

Only christmas stuff I have around here is strings of lights that I haven't used for years.

Nice that you got a new washing machine, I hope it holds up well for you. Remember when a washing machine would go on and on for twenty years?

MzT said...

Congrats on tackling your basement. I need to do the same in my garage (sans the flood, of course). I need to haul out our Yule things, but I have been knocked out by bronchitis, so every free moment I have I sleep. Have a great week!


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