Friday, November 30, 2012

Force To Clean

I know I talked about cleaning out and organizing the shed/barn before. Grip how long it's taking. Now it look like it might even be delayed a bit.
When we went over and ate Thanksgiving dinner and came home to discover the basement pretty much flood. The only place it never reach was up against the west wall.
So we had things in card board box which we all know card board is a paper product and it slops up water.
So stuff needs to go though now but I would of liked to finish out the shed/barn before jumping into my next toss out program.
If your wondering what cause the flood was some how the chain on toilet got stuck.
But other little project are getting done...I have to say my hubby is sure raking the yard. He and I been doing some work out our property on the north bench.
We been cutting post so we can put up a fence around the orchard we want to put in. If we don't put up an fence the tree would surely damage the trees.
I posted about Murphette who move down to Bakersfield area to see if she could help her ex-husband. Well things aren't looking so good for her. I knew he was abuse to her and she left him some 30 years ago and figure time went by and he remarried had some other children by anther woman.
Well she send me a Thanksgiving card and a few things she wrote in the letter actual a little concerning to me...she wrote me this from the laundry complex...
I had to walk with (unknown word) bags of laundry with canes because (person) and (person) were using my walker to try to get (person) to the bathroom in the middle night last Sunday.
Question time..I wonder if they won't let her have her walker back.
They kicked him out of the hospital because of his behavior. He isn't the same person who went in.
As soon as I can I am having my name remove from the van. Editor Note...Murphette and her ex bought a van together not sure what type of contract is written up but what each of them makes a payment a month.
And will first do whatever I have to do to survive until I can come home. Editor note...Not sure if she talking about North Idaho or Bay area.
I would rather die in the cold and snow then live like this way.
I am not allowed to drive the van any longer and I don't even know why. He (ex husband) has his brother drive every where since he got out if the hospital and he doesn't even have a driver license.
Opinion time...They got her down to California got her under control and using her as a cash cow.
Statement time...I know there only so much one can do...but Quenella and I both told her if things don't work out she can always come home....We also remind her there is a reason someone is an ex.... I told if things get ugly she can go to the salvation army and they'll get her a bus ticket and I would even go into Spokane and pick her up.
I have to say I wish for fellowship in my faith. At this time I know two people who is comfortable with me being and practicing paganism.
Confession time....I'm afraid of saying something....Statement time....I have no desire to convert anyone way from their thoughts, ways or their will.
At times I wish they're someone or group who I could do a ritual or a even for fellowship.
Even today as I was visiting with Ellie I took a chance and said I do the tarot cards. By her comment it made her feel uneasy.
If you don't say something or ask one will never know. It's not like I came out of the closet and said I'm witch.
But if I ask about the local Methodist or any Christian religion this would have been fine and I bet they would told me where the close one is located.
I google “fellowship in my faith”...why does people here in North America if one googles faith it doesn't mean every one is a Christian.

Coffee is on.


  1. It's great meeting fellow Pagans. But I must say, sometimes they can be pretty scary as well. Luckily we have the internet to meet people all over the world. ^^

  2. I don't rake leaves, I mulch them with my riding mower.

    Spirits don't do rituals, don't see the point in them.

  3. I sure hope your friend is ok. That is scarey to think that she went there to help and they are treating her that way. She needs to get out as quickly as possible!


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