Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday For Little Light Projects

Yesterday Murphy and I went up in the mountain in the area of Harvey and Wall to get a load of firewood. Not sure what really going on with us or it.
Years ago we were really picky on what kind of firewood we gathered. We use to think “If it ain't red or dead it's not worth anything.
Well how the forest is being mange is making getting firewood some what challenging . Not saying the timber companies are in better in mange it either.
So now we're willing to take less of quality. We yet haven't taken piss fir (Alpine fir) or Grand fir. But we now we're taking out high grade pines.
No roads for logging been put in for ages. Plus there been talk about logging right up to the roads in our national forest around here.
I got some concerns about this. But the main one is erosion's which could play hell with our land and water.
Before I can set up for Samhain I needed to take down my Mabon Altar. I did get the big window washed and add a few window clings. The only thing we have is jack a lanterns.
We finish getting the quack grass out of the royal sunshine flower bed. One set of my bulbs came in from .brent and beckysbulbs.
but I'm waiting for anther company I ordered from.
Quenella and I split and order with B&B. She got some tulips only.

Talking about Qunella she still trying to get her wedding business going. And she wants me to re-type her about us page  This is the old one and before the end of the month the new page should be up. She gave me $10 for it and I really would just do it out of the kindness of my heart.
But I complete understand her wanting to pay for it. No one wants to feel like their being taken advantage of.

Now my friend LaWalla has a chance to move to Iceland. She possible has a sponsor to finance her move there.

I got load of laundry done today. Whites only!

Put the dishes away.

Organize and tossed out paper crap. I had the illusion paper would be a lot less with the computer. Confession time..Was I wrong.

Dinner both Murphy and I put together. Pork Chops, sweet potatoes they came down in price Safeway had them at .99¢ a pound. I know around holidays they'll even be lower. Plus we made a waldroff salad add some fennel bulb diced up and toss in it.

Once again I like Sunday for those little project that don't drag out all day. The ones you can complete under usually 15 is on.


  1. Nice to drop in and read about your little light projects on a Sunday. Thanks for coffee. :)

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. I don't like going out and getting firewood, no matter how good or bad it is.


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