Friday, September 07, 2012

To Give a Helping Hand Out

 I'm glad have the opportunity to help Murphette out. She want to go down to Bakersfield and I let her stay at our place so she could save up her money to move.
She left Spokane about 10 in the morning on Tuesday the 4th of September and arrived in Bakersfield on Wednesday the 5th, about 8 that evening.
Statement time...I don't understand why someone would go to an ex....usual there is a reason why some one is an ex....Confession time....I'm glad to have my home back with my hubby Murphy.

Slow I been trying to get Ellie income straighten out with Health and Welfare. I'm not quite sure what to think...If she wants me to come and work penny on the dollar.
She does need the help and I'm starting to think her brain is all messed up from her electrolyte being whacked out or its pickled from alcohol
But for pennies I would be better off staying home and mess with ceramics.

As Murphette left of course she didn't haul everything down and left some food. So I divide it up between my friend Alice and I.
Murphette ate different then we do. But what we could use is for a quick lunch. See that ate a lot of per-package foods.
Friday the Lutheran Church is having a food give away.
If your wondering why I'm going...Statement time....I find most things about having a job totally disgusting....That one reason I live choose to live frugal....our last month monthly utilities didn't even come to $150....and if employer acts up I can just walk off.

Confession time...When I go and do home care I feel like I'm helping these people dig there grave.
I shouldn't let it bothers me if the people I take care want to make poor choices in their life...such as having a shitty diet...smoke like chimney and I'm including marijuana and nicotine....drink like a fish and I'm sure not counting water.
Confession time...I find it totally disgusting when the Medicaid nurse comes out to interview the people who is applying to get help in there home and nothing is done about there crappy choices in there lifestyle.
When it comes right down to the fact a lot people are in there condition because they made poor choices.
Please don't get me wrong I have no trouble people having a dish of something good like “ice cream” but chowing down a quart or more of ice cream in one sitting.
Or even sitting and sipping a cold beer.
Confession time...I even do it....but not to this extend.

I went back to working on my ceramic. Casting a few smaller items. At this time the garage/shop needs a little bit of cleanup.
I'm painting at this time and old world Santa and some ornaments to hang on your yule tree.
But there chance to enter in a drawing for a Mabon Scarecrow


  1. I can think of a reason for going back to an ex. You like his dick or her pussy, been there, done that.

    Her getting dead solved that problem.

  2. Hey visited my blog recently and I came over to say hello. I so agree with your thoughts on this. I am a nurse and sometimes it's hard to feel sorry for people when we 'know' they made poor choices to get to where they are now. When I feel like this, which is a lot these days, I feel like its time to get out of nursing!!!!


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