Friday, August 24, 2012

Domestic Engineer: Oh the Life I Need or Want

This week seem to be a busy. Actual a whirlwind. Confession time...I have complete a whole bunch. Since I seem to never get back cleaning out the shed.
But I did get our silverware drawer cleaned out. Went though the next drawer below and took a few items to the thrift store.

I pretty much finish up a ceramic scarecrow. So next month I'll be having a drawing. So I won't say anymore about it.
Plus I been painting on few ornaments. All in all I haven't done much with the ceramic line.

I've been trying to get Ellie straighten out with medicaid. There no Health and Welfare office here in Boundary County. Some how they got her income down wrong. Plus trying to find a human to talk to about how to solve her trouble been some what like riding on merry go around that one can't get off.
Simple I just need a fax number where to send the bank statement to. How hard could that be. The closes Health and Welfare office is in Bonner County which is 20 miles about from me.

Usual I put my dilly beans in wide mouth pints. But the beans were so long and I thought they would look good in quarts.
I've seen them done in quarts all standing up nicely, not mine.
Maybe some day I'll get the dilly beans to look good in quarts. But next time I do dilly beans and if there to long. The beans are getting whacked in half.
I was going to price out the dilly beans at the store. I know there not cheap but I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy them.
A gallon of apple cider vinegar not quite $6.00 a gallon. I used a ½ gallon and came out with 7 quarts .

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