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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Area In Life Doesn't Have It's Ups and Downs

I thought I would have a few picture for this week photo hunt and also of our family reunion. I brought my camera but left the card to the camera in the computer. Had to reset the camera knowing that I wouldn't get that many pictures.
Now I can't find my usb cord that goes to my camera.

This time our family reunion was held at Pothole lake over by Moses lake. There where 50 of us there about, a small family gathering.
Confession time...I wonder if I was born in the wrong family. I look at our world a lot different then some of my family. Actual some of them have some real stupid ideals and don't bother asking me where in hell they come up with these ideal.
I know sometime I've have few dumb ideals and even done some dumb things.

Here one of them. There a farmer who lives down the road from us. He let some local septic company dumb there waste on his field. “Human Manure” my Aunt Eve is all worried about someone buying the hay or eating a beef that ate the hay that came off the field that in the food chain one could get aid.

My first cousin Baron came the farthest, Nebraska. He one of my older cousin. I hardly know him he grew up in Havre Montana. He just retire off the railroad.
He will get retirement of $3,000 a month and he is winning it so little....Statement time...shit we're sure not going to live on that, when Murphy retires not even close. I figure will be just find. I would guess they don't know how to live frugally.
The little bit I've known Baron seem like a pretty nice guy.

I wouldn't use the term hate. Which is actual a little strong of term to use I have trouble with two of my cousin. Statement time...They never done anything personal to me.

My cousin Jon is just plain weird. I don't mind people being different then me. I ask Murphy if he thought Jon was weird. He thought so to.
I guess he use to baby sat some of my older cousin born let say 1953 or earlier. I sure wouldn't let him watch any of my kids.
He done some family research some of us are wondering if he fantasise that our family has some glory back ground of Irish royalty and or criminal back ground.
I even ask Sawyer if he thought Jon was weird. He ask me if I was talking about the short ball guy. I said “yep” his reply was also “Yep”
Editor note...Jon hasn't done anything to be alarm about.

My first cousin Laim who will be 64 years old this up coming October. For some reason he irradiates me. Not as much as he once did. “Crap he thinks he is the best does matter what it is, my cousin Laim is the best...not”
Hell he got fired from his teaching job down in southern Idaho. Not sure the whole story is but I know he thinks “Lesbian isn't an acceptable life style”
Statement time...Hell I have relatives and people in my area don't think my life style is for the birds...I try to take care of our planet we live on.

As I may bitch and moan about my relatives most of them would bend over backward to help someone. The truth be known Jon and Laim would give you a shirt and the buttons would be sewn on.

Most time by now a lot of things are dried out but not this year. I don't have many flowers in bloom now, roses, petunias, and hollyhocks are in bloom.
My hollyhocks and roses are pink. Then my petunias are purple.
The hummingbirds are really going though the sugar water we make up for them.
The garden is doing super. Between Friday and Saturday morning I put up 17 pints of pickle beets. Froze 8 quarts of beet greens.


  1. I gave up on family reunions a long time ago and find my friends where I find them. And of those friends I don't expect many of them to help me in a time of need. But a complete stranger may come by with some help.

    Strange planet....

  2. Shit, I forgot to water the tomato plant today.

  3. Sounds like you have an interesting family! :)

  4. We always say : the family you inherit your friends you choose, that's why I prefer my friends !

  5. Large family gatherings can either be great or stressful. I've been to both kinds.

  6. Glad to hear they are kind at heart. I am amazed some one would allow sewage dumped on the property. Wow. Thanks for stopping by. Hug's to you. The weather here is drought and heat too, Worst in history they say.

  7. I so understand what you're going through regarding the camera and the card. I've done that so many times...you'd think I'd learn by now.

    I got a kick out of Gattina's comment above.


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