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Monday, April 02, 2012

Weather Report For March 2012 and Other Stuff

The warmest day in March was on the 9th 58.5 (14.7)
The coldest day in March was on the 11th 9.5 (-12.5)
The average high for the month was 41.4 (5.2)
The low low for the month was 21.1(-6)
I didn't get the rain gauge out for the month but by the local weather reports around my area we got 5 to 7 inches of rain. (12-17)
Right now we have about 11 hours sunlight in March unless it's raining.
But of course we woke up to snow on the first day of spring.
Usual I'm flip flop about if one really saves in money growing a garden. I know are water bill doesn't change.
I got a lot of equipment to put food up with. So the cost for us is seeds, and starting soil for seeds. I guess there a little extra cost when we put up the food like extra lids for the canning jars or some bags for the sealmatics.
Oh yea right off the bat we where trying to adjust the belt on rototiller. Let me clear something up Murphy was trying to adjust the belt and I was there for moral support. No more like giving him and ear so he could cuss a bit.
Not saying more the thing that holds the spring in place went flying and now we're taking it in to the shop. So there is an expense.

As for the regular bill for last month it doesn't change much. We figure $200 (150EU-124BP-198CA) will cover the electricity, phone, water, gas for the house, and the internet.

An turtle sometime works at a faster pace then I do. Last day of March I went the local farmers market meeting. I thought of sitting up a stand so I could sell some of my ceramics.
The fee is $20(15EU-12BP-19CA) for the season. I know $200 (150EU-124PD-198CA) worth of good inventory would be the ideal to start the market with. Well I dug through what I consider decent piece. Confession time...I'm not even close to that even.
My friend Alice goes out of town to these craft shows. It seem like a big gamble there is time she really does good and the other time she in the hole.
The entire picture of her and the craft shows she attends by the end of the year where is she really.

I know I won't go in the hole for the local farmers market. I know the odds is I won't even make $100 dollars each time at the farmer market Editor Note...The market runs from end of April to sometime in September. It more like $50 bucks and under for each market.
Get chance to chit chad with other people sort of local socializing place.
But still need to bring up my inventory before I adventure out. Maybe later in the season they might be a spot for me as a fill in.
There only 35 (10X10) spots and sometime for what every reason they could be someone absent who is
regularly there.
Last thing I keep trying to get the barn/shed clean out it but the weather is putting a damper on this project. I haul things out of it and ask Murphy what I want to toss if he has any trouble with it. I figure sense I'm married to him that he should have veto power.

Editor note...I thought I would post a few picture when Murphy and I went for a drive. If you notice that there some flooding in our area.
Also a picture of deep and ruby creek meets

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  1. The key to selling stuff, good or bad stuff, is cheerful bullshit, I do pretty good when I have yard sales.


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