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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Did I Not Hear Something.

The other day I stop in and visit my friend Alice. We talk about a variety of things. Well her ex son in law Henry got brought up. He was married to her daughter Nicole.

Henry had a what some would call a drinking problem and it got him in quite a bit of trouble. So by court ordered he had to complete some type of alcoholic program.
But now he is on parole or probation (I get parole and probation mix up) and part of that he must attended Church. Not any church of his choosing. They gave him a list of which one he could attend. There was only one here in Bonners Ferry he could attend was the Mountain Spring Church  So he choose that one because it was the closes.

Question time... isn't they breaking some constitution rights of the thing about religious freedom?
Plus there some of things I was wondering about. What is Mountain Spring getting out of it?
Opinion time...The one time I attend a Mountain Spring service I thought it was a brain washing section...It didn't impress me.
Every time I drove by there on a Sunday Morning it was sure packed. I figure those people don't have much free will.
Their people who around here thinking they'll give someone a helping hand. That's not complete true. Statement time...It wise to believe in there complete teaching. If you want to receive there benefits and I'm not talking about the after-life.

Now let me go back to Henry...There a different between ordering something or strongly suggestion something. So if Henry don't attended the Mountain Spring church he could go back to jail.
Question time...I wonder or what Henry might be getting out of the Mountain Spring Church? I know if I was there because some court order me there. I'd be take all the benefits I could.

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  1. Hum, I've never heard of a court order stating someone had to attend a church. He should get an attorney.

    They all brain wash, some are just more subtle at it than others.


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