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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rattling In An Airn Jug Wi' An Airn Spoon,

Between weather systems Murphy and I been doing some prep-garden things. Took part of the garden fence so we can use rototiller.

We haven't start our seeds yet. But every time we seriously think about it a non-friendly weather system shows up. Actual we got about 2 inches of snow on Saint Patrick day.

One day before Saint Patrick day my “Royal Sunshine flowerbed was uncovered of snow. I did go out and checked it out. Found some bulbs coming up.
I'm clueless why there so much dog poop in our yard. There even some big turds. Well it needs to be removed.

Murphy and I are taking our little walks about the neighborhood. Noticing more sign of spring.

We were going to have some trees remove from under the power-lines. But the power-line people suggest we leave them up as snags.
We been enjoying watching the different birds show up. Actual I been thinking of getting a bird book so I can identify the birds.
One day a different bird showed up. I believe it was some type of Thus. (Robin is a Thus). It was gray, partial red ring around it neck, tiny bit of black tips on its wing, it has sort of curve to it bill.

I don't feel like getting on my soap box and conveyance my opinion right now. Anyhow it's my blog I may give it later on or not.

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  1. They usually start seeds inside here about the first of April, and start planting outside around the first of May. Give or take depending on the crop.

    But I suck at gardening so don't much bother with it.


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