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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Theocracy are one big joke. I was listening to a republican debate. Can't recall which one but Rick Perry was still in the race.
Candidate Rick_Santorum had spoken about how they need to get rid of the Theocracy in the middle east turn around and would more welcome a Christian Theocracy to the United States. Don't these idiots know what theocracy is.
Haven't anyone learn religion  cause all sort of crap.
Now spiritual matter is complete a different ballgame.
Editor Note...For now I know things are winding down in Iraq but other places it heating up.

Gas here is at $3.74 a gallon for regular. Not going to make a big dent in our life. I get kick out of people who talk about the keystone pipeline and oil out of Canada.
Statement time...Wake up dude it's Canada Oil not ours.
Its our pipeline and we can charge for the oil to go though it. When it get built.
Now anther twist to story...There using pipeline as blackmail but never hardly mention aquifer
“The second is that Trans-Canada, the Canadian oil giant, wants to run a pipeline through a portion of the aquifer in Nebraska.”
Question time...The refinery which is at the end of keystone pipeline is locate in Louisiana. Is actual have ties to China...Is this true?
Gee us human can last lot longer without oil then water

World population for earth in 2011 was just slight of 7 billion people
The United States has about 311 million people
Statement time...crap and they still really want us to breed like rabbits.

Lot of our safety nets like Social Security is set up so someone has repopulate the world. Well lets face some hard facts our earth is all ready have trouble maintaining her population now.
Well one thing would help if social security wages needs redone  in the upper incomes. 
 Opinion time...Millionaire and Billionaire should be paying right into the fund like everyone else not stopping short.
I have an opinion how things should be given to retires and others who use social security program.

Crap now back to reproduction of this plant earth. Opinion time...every male who fathers four kids ought to have a vasectomy no choice for them.
It only fair so this way the odds will be coming down on what us female might be doing with our reproduction systems.
I have no problem with male in general. I married one been with the same one for ages.
But do you think married people just have sex to reproduce...well I got news for you...they don't.


  1. Good post, I didn't get married because I wanted to reproduce, I got married because chasing sex is a pain in the ass. :-)

    That Canadian oil isn't going to do us a bit of good due to the way oil markets work. Even the oil we produce here goes through the world market.

    Gas here is a tad over four bucks a gallon, propane is $2.30 a gallon, I'm looking for something to convert to propane.

    Or considering all the rain and wood here maybe I should make a steam car.

  2. For a small country that doesn't produce oil and has to buy from the oil producing countries, we are always affected by the oil price increases. Everything is so expensive these days.

  3. The oil prices...high or low...has nothing to do with the government tho, it's the oil speculators. That is what drives the prices up and up and up. As to the humans having sex to reproduce, there is an old adage that we are the only animals that have sex for pleasure, but I really see a look of ecstasy on other animals mating. Hmmmm.

    OSPREY's 'catch of the day'...come on over to view a couple of magnificent images of the regal bird if you have some time!!!


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