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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'll try to give a short posting on whats going on.

Woke up this morning and there where snow on the ground, all most 10 inch of white stuff. I better tell all of you the computer is up and running. It was the modem.
Still need to reinstall call-wave but the home computer is ago.

Next Saturday I should be back doing what I call the weekend photo hunt. But for now I'll try to give a short posting on whats going on.

I'm still puttering a way at ceramics. I figure my next patch of clay or slip I do I would be smart if I use some type of filter to pour my clay though.
I do have a regular pour table for my ceramics but in short of things the clay is all dried up and now I'm still pouring by hand.
Which doesn't make the ceramic pieces as good as they could of been.

I talk to my youngest son Bart today. He down in Spokane and I want to know how much snow they had. Well they got none.
First of all I don't know how the conversation got start it. But it was on Iran. I thought for a moment he join the army. My reaction was..."How stupid can you be"....Opinion time...I think the United States but there nose in foreign place way to much. 
No my youngest son didn't join the military. I personal don't have trouble with the arm forces I have an issue with our foreign policies.
But he said if they started up the draft because of the Iran he was going to hide in the woods.
I don't think my oldest son Sawyer is much on military either.

I haven't got much done on cleaning the shed/barn out. Weather been and issue hear. Usual this time of the year 85% or more the ground is bare but not this year.

Well there a lot more but who wants to read a novel for posting.
Coffee is back on.   


BBC said...

.I think the United States but there nose in foreign place way to much.

NO SHIT !!!! Let those idiots kill themselves, why should we care?

I just know enough about ceramics to make me dangerous with an opinion. :-)

Drop the word verification if you would like me to keep commenting here, we don't get so much spam that you can't deal with it.

BBC said...

Blogger made word verification very hard to make out but they have backed up a little, and here is an other little tip, they want you to type two words, but if you just type the second word and get it right your comment will be approved. :-)

Gattina said...

Snow, now ? I am against everything military ! In my opinion the politicians should go into a wrestle ring and fight there themselves, I am sure there would be less wars ! And we could all watch and have fun !

Alice Audrey said...

I was afraid you had gone the way of so many of my internet friends - simply stopped blogging. I'm so glad it was just a modem and you are back.

I would love to see some pix of your pottery work. I don't do it myself, but have always been fascinated.

Ms. Kathleen said...

You are a busy one to be sure. And I agree - I'd want my sons to hide in the woods as well if a draft started up again!


BBC said...



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