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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Ole Technology

Hi everyone.
Our home computer is having issues. I'm at the local library using there computer. But hope to have mine up and running some time. It acting like it has some type of spy ware or ad ware in it. But until I get that fix not sure when I'll be back on.


  1. I hope you get it fixed soon!
    Missing you at The Saturday PhotoHunt... ♥sandi

  2. Yup, it may have picked up a bug, you should get the free version of Malwarebytes and Avast anti virus programs.

    I have the paid for versions but my geek computer friend says the free versions are very good also. The paid for versions automatically update and scan daily and I like that.

    We'll hang around until you get back.

  3. If you can get your sick computer to download and install Malwarebytes and scan your files maybe it can help you fix your computer.


  4. Look forward to your return! :)

  5. Get it fixed soon! Waiting for your return!


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