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Sunday, January 01, 2012

So Glad I Haven't Gone Back

Really I'm not all that cheap in life!!! Confession time....I'm afraid getting anther client that just drives me bonkers to the point I need to be put in a straight jacket .
I've post about how Donna stressed me out.
Even there been time I thought I was heading toward a nerves break down.
Yes...Hubby and I where clearing $3000 (2,314 EU 1,932 BP)  a month.
I was so stress out from her. That there was no way on this green grass I could spent anything. If I need simplest things of life I would send my hubby to get it.
Statement time....To visit Donna and do thing with her is complete different working for her.
I would come home and from her grab some beer or what every I could find to medicate my self even smoked pot.
Confession time.. At that time I wished they would called me in for a piss test. The odds I would flunked back then. I think I would done cart wheels all the way there and all they home.
Plus played farmville.
I had no life when I worked for Donna. We may be low on funds but life is much better all the way around..
Toward the end I even a few times thought of hurting my self so I could get disability. So I get out of work.
So one day she just pushed and I got my self and walk out and new I couldn't every go back and be her care giver.
There was plenty of money save up and we where going to live on it as long as possible.
After that experience I'm in no hurry to look for anther client.
Murphette the one I have now drives me nuts to but she only has 8 ½ hours a week. She planning to move to a 
warmer climate around I believe is Bakersfield California.
I complete understand why she want to go to warmer climate.
But I don't give it much odds she will be leaving like she plans to, but who knows.
My other client Faith hasn't drove me nuts yet
It depends on some factors if and when Murphette moves or not. If I'll look for anther client to take care of not.
In nut shell I would come home from Donna,so stressed out and I would medicate my self so I could recover and went back and did the same thing the following day.

Editor Note....There lot worst client then Donna I could tell you all sorts of horror stories of people who has care giver that comes in your home.

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  1. Yup, I've quit jobs I didn't like, a few of them after just a few days.

    I sent you an email to the address in your profile but haven't heard back from you, did you get it?


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