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Monday, December 26, 2011

Goals for 2012

As for 2012 goals go....I know I need to down size I got way to much stuff. So I though dispersing 10% of our stuff around here. Hopefully more.
I would still like to turn the smaller bed room into a office/craft room I would get it clean out and it seem like it becomes a catch all room. What every just toss it in there...Both Murphy and I are guilty of it.
The first two area I think should be hit hard and get rid of 10% of the stuff or even more is the shed/barn. Also the shed out on the bench.

I know I should be looking for more hours of work. Confession time...I have real attitude about working...in the home care line. It's such a joke...one thing I do yearly is send a letter off to my elective officials...well here is a link  to letter I send out this year.

I need to fine anther line of work or to increase the income. I know Hubby will go back to tree nursery but that is slagging also. He is old man out there most the workers are under 40.

I know things in the economy is tight. But I don't have much to invest for a ceramic business. But there two small area I would like to work towards sells. One is be able to take some finish ceramic pieces to the local farmer market in Bonners Ferry. Every other weekend starting last Saturday in April. It last til the first part of September
Then also try to get an esty page and see if a few ceramic pieces sell that way.
But I need to organize my molds and inventory. To see what I need things such as stoppers for salt and pepper shakers.

Well for health goal is start some simple health habits...drink water, walk and keep a health journal

Now for the garden plant and asparagus bed. Murphy would like to put in a greenhouse and I would like to put in a compost bin One will see who gets there way...Confession time...I'm surely not going to make a stink over it.
I don't want to add a new flower bed yet.

Now for money except we are not in debt. I though every bill of money I get with serial number ending in 12 I would stick in jar and see how it will grow.
I'm thinking of using this money for some needy family for Christmas 2012.
Slowly I been trying to get my blog print off in book format and I thought of any bill with serial number have 4-7's
Not sure how much money I will have save up
Find 5 pieces of ceramics finish them up...market them and the sell will going...One finish piece profits will be going to community action center which is our food bank. At this point I believe a person can only get a food box here 3 or 4 times a year.
I like to see that increase....One can go in more often for salvaging for what every usual it dairy, bread and few odds and ends.
But the salvaging program here is feast or famine.
Second finish piece would go to our local animal thrift store.
Third to the fifth piece will be use to pay it forward for local people.

I think this are reasonable goals that can be obtained.


  1. I have one goal for 2012, to try to get through it alive.

    If you don't mind being a bit of an outlaw take up making beer and bootlegging it. Or just make it to save some money if you drink some beer.

    I don't see making much money in ceramics but what in the hell do I know. Maybe if you had a little shop where others could come and learn how to do them and fire the pieces there while drinking your homemade beer it may do okay.

    Or everyone could just get tipsy and not give a shit. :-)

  2. I don't see making much money in ceramics...I have like 2500 ceramics mold...but it doesn't take much for us to live on.

  3. I have like 2500 ceramics mold.

    I can't remember who but some lady made a mold of some popular asshole movie stars dick and did pretty well selling them.

    You got any dick modes? Hehehe

  4. dick moles...No I got boob one for men.

  5. I don't have a special goal for next year. I just let it go ! but you have a lot !


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