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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wee Willie Winkie Rins Though The Town

Finished packing up my finish ceramic pieces. So my friend Alice could take it to a craft show in Post Falls Idaho. It's only one day show but I don't have enough inventory to cover the cost. I only have about $170.00 inventory but if I went and set up there on low end of scale I should have $1,050 worth of merchandises.
But hopeful she sells some item. The cheapest item I have is .35¢ and the most expensive item $40.

Our first seed catalog came today. I haven't been thinking much about gardening. What I should actual be doing is tossing things out.
I got the electrical paid off for the month. It was $61.74. The monthly bills I keep paid off on a regular bases. Which runs about $200 a month.
But also wrote a check for $40 to pay off some lab work done. Sure glad I got that over with.

I'm so glad my work week is done. Question time...Where does people come up with there goofy ideals?
Tuesday the 8th of November Murphette who I do home care for. I had to take her down to Sandpoint for a doctor appointment.
Her land line phone been having issues.
So she was chatting with her daughter down in Texas. In their conversation about her phone the daughter in Texas told her mom that her phone was bugged by the F.B.I
Murphette thought she was going to the F.B.I office in Spokane Washington and turn her self in and had a statement speech made up. Going something like this “ I know you have my phone bug and you think I been sending out spam e-mails and I would like to get hold of the person who hacked into my e-mail account.”
Then she and this so called person who she thinks tap into her E-mail account that she is going to beat the hell out of them.
But promising that then the F.B.I they can have the person after she was finish with them.
Fact time...her body is pretty much messed up and uses some type of mobility item.
So I'm not taking this with grain a salt. I advised her to talk on the phone on things like her hemorrhoid trouble. I'm clueless if she even has hemorrhoid trouble.
But she thought I was funny.
Now back to the daughter in Texas. Her mom was in the hospital last year at this time and she got hold of me wanting to know whats going on.
During our conversation she told me. That they and I'm clueless who is they. They where pulling off pregnant female forcing them to have an abortion and sterilizing them.
I rather pinch my pennies and be full time personal care giver.


  1. Oh, I'm pretty damn sure that you have to be crazy to be my friend. :-)

  2. And being as you folks don't live that far away from me I may drop in one of these days for a little visit.

    Keep the coffee hot.


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