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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

weather report (October 2011)

The warmest day in October was 1st at 72.1 (22.2)
The coldest day in October was 27th at 15.1 (-9.3)
The average high for October was 54.1 (12.2)
The average low for October was 29.2 (-1.5)
Rain 2 ½ (6.3)
End of the month it looks like we're average 9 hours of sunlight.
October 7th was first heavy frost in morning one would have to scrape there vehicle windshields.


  1. Frost for two days and now it's raining, bah....

  2. I don’t have a name for the spiritual path that is in my own self.

    Who says you need a name for it? You are spirit and you are on a journey, you'll figure it out or you won't.

    One thing you don't need is for others to tell you what it is and what you should believe.

  3. I was looking at some of your old posts, in one you talked about how long your mate and you have been together and some of the trials of that.

    I'm guessing in part that you have stayed together because you like to jump each others bones, and that's a pretty good reason for staying together. :-)


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