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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Photo Hunt (Waiting)

I had the same feeling waiting for my new Cuisinart food processor as I did one winter. I would guess it was the winter of 1968 or so.
Out of every pay check from IPIC. I would take $10 and stick it in a little empty box. Then I gather up reward points on our credit card. Always keeping a balance of zero, keeping it paid off. The day came and I could get a $100 gift card from Amazon.
But in mean time one of my other pay check from driving Faith around. I would put her check on my credit card and I was money a head. So I decided to take the big leap and purchase my self a Cuisinart 1000 watt elite food processor.
There's more good news “ I never used any of the money I put in the little empty box”
Once it was order or even slightly before. I had it all map out when the U.P.S would be coming to our home. So every time what I thought was sound of heavier truck going down the gravel dirt road. I would listen to see if “Daisy our dog would bark” and if she didn't bark the truck was going on past our place.
Or I would take peak out of the window to see if it was the man in “brown”
Then the waiting was over. Daisy had a bark as a stranger just pulled in. It was actual one of mail ladies that worked out of the Bonners Ferry Post office. Which totally surprised me. I thought one those Browns would be delivering it.
Confession time... I was embarrasses of my behavior. I just grab the box hardly saying anything to the mail lady. Thinking to my self “Yes, I waited for my toy and now I can play with it.

Needing or wanting something can be some what a question. I knew soon I would be wanting a new card for my camera. Before it became a need and still want. I could find the best bang for my buck.
Walmart sold a 1mb for about $26. Out of all sort of camera cards of course mine would be the most expensive. Not so expensive I couldn't afford it.
But I found someone though Amazon. I believe was New Jersey offered a 2mb for $13. Twice the saving for twice the card. So I ordered two cards.
Then once again I was waiting for my cards to my camera. I was pretty sure such a small package, it would be coming though the regular mail.
So I think it was a day or so after the food processor the wait was over and out in mail box there where the picture cards for my camera. 

Next week theme our hostess TN Chicks 
picked is “public” Those who want to learn about the photo hunt one can click on link of TN Chicks


  1. Saving up for something special and waiting for the day to finally possess it is a bitter-sweet love affair.

    Thanks for coffee. :)

  2. That's something I never knew saving money to buy myself something. I realize that I am a very lucky girl.

  3. Hope your Cuisinart food processor proved worth the wait! :)

  4. We sure do like gadgets but I'll just stick with my blender and old hand grinders.

    My next gadget is likely to be a four cycle 30 HP outboard motor to stir shit up with.


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