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Monday, October 31, 2011

It's A Blessing To Do Good Trick and Treats

Blessed Samhain. I carve a Jack a lantern on Saturday the 29th of October. It been said that the Jack a lantern is to keep a way the evil spirit
But to me it seem the more someone in to Evangelical Christians they have more trouble with demons. Or it's they don't want to take responsibility for when they mess up and blame it on the devil.
But I would also guess that the Islam also is troubled by the devil.
Statement...I believe in an evilness but it takes a hell of lot of effort to do work of evil and once one does evil it will hang around. Not wanting it to leave.
So we are usual but not always RESPONSIBLE for evil coming into our life.
There two rules one should follow and life should be fairly easy. 1. Help anther soul (person) size has nothing to do with it. 2 Harm none that includes your self.
This season also mark half way between fall (Mabon) and winter (yule) season. Up here we still been getting a few nibbles out of the garden. Statement time...the things that are undercover in garden is still being used. The garden is pretty much settling down the long winter rest.

It looks like I have anther week out by Herman lake. Ida has anther week working at nursery. I wouldn't want to go out there on regular bases.
I'm not a big fan of home-care. “such bullshit” but Murphy is thinking trying to get his C.N.A
At one time I thought of doing it but I would only make a dime more of hour and put a ding into one money safe.
There only been a few people I every talk to actual like doing home care.
The other day I was in safeway pharmacy picking up some Rx and being a small town having chit chat with your fellow human is common.
Well I told them I was doing home care and their answer was “That is hard work”
I just looked up what it takes to be come a C.N.A. 120 hours of instructions. Then the pay scale is $9.60 to $12.77 an hour.
Hourly I average out to $11.34 an hour.
I thought it would cost around $1,200. But Murphy called and he found out it $800 not sure if that covers every thing or not.
One would make a dime more and hour if there lucky.

Sunday the 30thI went with Quenella to holymyrrhbearingwomen.
for there church service. Statement time...I can't agree on there complete teaching hook line an sinker either. I haven't yet heard them try to play the fear card or the guilt card.
But still I can't take there teaching hook line and sinker. “Mostly about the blood and lamb of cross”. But I have heard other teaching of Christians faith really pound that fear and guilt to you, tying it in with the blood of the cross.
Sure I know the spirit doesn't die. There all sorts of spirits around us which comes in all sorts of shapes and forms well as attitude.
Actual this week “Father” they call there pastor “Father”. He seem like a nice enough fellow. A least the Orthodox doesn't make there priest into some type of pervert like the Catholics do.
He has a wife and kids.

This service was on giving one self but of course there was part about money. Confession time... It reminded me that I need to line up 5 pieces in ceramic pieces finished once sold that I will give the proceeds to a worthy cause.
It sure won't be going to some preacher. I have no trouble when visiting a religious service putting some money in offering.
The main purpose of going Qunella car is having issue. The timing belt is having issues. She made arrangement to have the priest come out and do a blessing on her home and Katka Mountain Peace Garden
after the services. So I went to the service and there things in the service I don't agree on.
I rather see someone asking or making good happen then evil. Which the following of Abraham, Ishmael, or Issac has the corner on market in blessing of good. Opinion time...That what some people think, not me.
It lot easier to do one blessing of kindness and it has nothing to do with religion.

Editor Note...There is a large percentage of teaching of Jesus that I try to use in my daily life.

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  1. Jesus never wrote any words so all they say he said he said is hearsay, and you can find other good ways to live without a bible.

    Most aspects of halloween bother me so I just don't deal with it. Our quite little street never has trick or treaters on it and that suits us just fine.

    Halloween is just a way to get our money, but I did treat myself to a good trick. :-)


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