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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cow jump'd over the Moon

It seem once we get less the 12 hours of sun. I notice more and more leaves are turning colors. Still getting produce out of the garden.
I got out my fall color candles. Sort of rust orange color.

Wrote the last bill check for the month of September. It our gas bill for $4.00. So our basic bills for this month ran us $144.71. But of course I had our yearly home owner insurance of $583.00.
Plus I've been paying off some lab work. I wrote them a check for $71.89 and still owe them about $101.00
On the lab bill I talk to company and promise them more then $20 a month. Well I been sending them well over $20 a month.
Confession time...I have know clue what I spend of food.

Last Friday I tried to fire the smaller kiln of greenware but it didn't fire right. I just sucked up the power. I'm sort of thinking to give it anther try sometime over the weekend.
Murphy thought it wasn't shut tighten enough. I hope that was it, so easy to take care of.

So Today I had my T.O.P.S (taking off pounds sensibility) I feel I don't get much support from my husband. At time I feel like showing him and saying “See I weigh over fucking 200 pounds I don't like it and I fucking hurt”
But I have to say T.O.P.S taught me not reward my self with food. I think I got it down that now I don't have to continue to eat after dinner.
I've been more disappointed in a weigh in only a ¼ pound gain.
One thing we been doing in T.O.P.S we're having a contest on changing some of our bad habits. I won't going into much detail. Each of us picked 3 goals that would benefit us and each day we give our self a grade on how well we think we did.
My three goal I picked are
  1. Walk down pass the skinny larch and back home (1 ½ miles)
  2. No eating after dinner
  3. drink 48 ounce of water
    So far I'm doing really good on not eating after dinner.

Hubby is heading back to work for Will toward Porthill. It been a while since Murphy since been to work he been apply for other jobs but he is a lot happier at the tree farms. With the economy they haven't been doing all that well either.
In about 13 months Murphy can get his social security. Not sure if he will or not lot depends on whats going on.

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  1. Stick with TOPS, it works, and eat to live, don't live to eat. Find other ways to deal with stress and life.

    When I get under a 140 pounds I have to force myself to eat more, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat.

    Food just doesn't do much for me.


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