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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hey Diddle Diddle Dee

I actual want to post a fairly length post on this blog. But who really want to hear bunch of blah, blah and more blah.
When I first set up my blog. First time I posted something I believe it was only one line or maybe it was two line but I know it wasn't a three lines.
Then I posted nothing then at later date I start to post more and more but not regular base. I know one year or more then one year I started to post on daily bases.

Out in dink toolies we're dial up is the norm. But when I move here most people had party lines on their phone. That when more then one resident shared a phone line and when one want to use there phone had to see if there phone line was clear. So one could listen into other conversation but I thought that was just plain rude.
If I was going to take educated guess when the party line end out here it would be 1982 to about 1984.

The weekend of August 20th we had our county fair. It amazing how many what I would call right wing political and religious orders had a booths up. But the main reason I actual go to the fair is to see the exhibits such as knitting, sewing, quilting, woodwork, breads, cookies, fruits, and veggies. Then of course animals.
There the 4-H and FFA animals which is sold as market animals. There was one youngster who market animal sold more then one time. It was to help raise money for this man legal defense for shooting a grizzly bear.. I won't go into much detail. There this family who lives in Porthill area and a grizzly bear came unto there place and he feared his pigs which is part of there lively hood was at risk. But mostly his children was at risk.
Statement time...Any sow “Mother bear” is nothing to mess with and these are not pets. Plain and simple there wild animals
Idaho state game thought they should be no charges against him but the federal government does.
I tend lean to left on political views and for most Idahoan I would be consider a wacko. But in this case this person was protecting his family.
Info time..those who lean to right in there political are consider “Nut Jobs” and those who lean to left is consider “Wacko”

I'm still doing my walking and not stuffing my face after dinner. Haven't yet made it to end of the field yet. But last three weighing in at TOPS (taking off pounds sensibly) I lost weight.

We're loosing little over a minute of sunlight in morning haven't yet figure out how much we're loosing in evening. But now it finely feeling like summer is trying to give a blast of heat
Sometime after the 20th I notice there been quite a few spider web covering the ground.
Hubby and I put up 7 pints of pickle beets.

In ceramic world I'm still casting ornaments and about ready to go though anther box. Then also casting the miniature. Well I got the first level full of green-ware which consist of ornaments mainly and some napkin ring holder. Just barely start to lay a second round of green-ware on top of the first. One can pack green-ware tightly in a kiln. I brought anther piece in to paint, a kitty.

I don't think any of you notice I been doing some changes on my sidebar to the right. Coffee drinker and sleeping ones.


  1. it's still hot up here, but it is nice to see the nights drawing in, it's dark by 8:30pm now,

    Gill in Canada

  2. I don't think any of you notice I been doing some changes on my sidebar to the right

    Old followers seldom do notice such things so I seldom change mine.


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