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Friday, July 08, 2011

What Do I Know

I think summer heat is here. But what do I know. I can briefly talk about the weather and gardens. Everything is sort of running late. The 5th of July was our 1st time hitting the 90 (32.2) mark. But last time it got up in the triple digit was in 2008. Oh I'm not saying it hasn't been hot a few times in last few years it been hugging a 100 (37.7)

If I was just starting this blog instead of calling my hubby Murphy. I know his name would have been “Asshole” Wednesday evening is his day to interrogate me. We had spaghetti for dinner.
It started about some Onion.
I forgot about the onion and we both like browned onion in our ground beef.
Murphy thought I purposely didn't but the onion in, because it was free. Only would use food that we had to spend money on.
I looked him in eye and said “I forgot about the onion and if you don't believe me, to bad. And shut the fuck up”
Now for the flowers is doing ok. I can't say the “Royal Sunshine” flowerbed is in somewhat is state of weedy mess. At times I should just start over but I invested time and money. But now I'm realizing what could be planted in there in hope to choke out the unwanted items
Things sure seem to be happening in the Hodge Podge flower bed. Like the hollyhock now have buds on them.
I didn't do any glads or dahlias but I notice one was coming up in the flowerbed,

Like the Allium and the Lilly.

Now for the veggie garden we been picking Strawberries, not enough yet to make jam. Munching away on the greens.
It seem this month we been having on going battle with gopher. Hope they move on. The hay field that hit our back yard just got it first cutting this week. I didn't notice much alfalfa among the grass. I don't know why this is.
Instead of doing Jam. Hubby been put some strawberries is freezer bags.
He went over to his sister Faith and picked some cherries off her trees. So now he are dehydrate them. He told me when they where young at one time government food commodities gave away dried cherries.
The only time I every had any of the food commodities is when the railroad was handling it fright and the train crew would bring it home from work.
I remember my father at times brought stuff home off the trains.

I sort of slipped away form smoothie and juicing. Wednesday when I got done with Faith. I finish up some juice I started.
I don't recall how much of what I use
left over juice from some can regular beets
2 tomatoes
2 inches of ginger.
I add about a good tablespoon of spirlina
If I thought of I would put in some celery.
I know the beet juice part was over powering.

So part of my photo hunt will be what going on.


  1. Browned onion? You brown it first then use it? Why in the hell didn't I ever think of that?

    “I forgot about the onion and if you don't believe me, to bad. And shut the fuck up”

    Oh - oh, you'll so go to hell for saying fuck,you'd better get to a church and repent, take your checkbook with you, hehehe

  2. Usual in the colder months I get bottle of Peppermint Schnapps and mix it with hot chocolate.

    Hot chocolate in a cup of coffee with a nice shot of Schnapps. = Nap.

    Naps are good, winters can get depressing anyway.

  3. Is that round thing allium? I'd like to have berries of some sort growing but have no real place to put them in my yard.


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