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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Hunt (Patch)

  When Murphy and I was up above Robinson Lake up on Harvey Mountain. I notice a lot of wild flowers grew in patches. 

Such is yellow clover. I notice there little bit of white daisies mixed in.

Near the international border USA and Canada. There a patch of daisies
On the down off the mountain I notice a patch beautiful delicate bell flowers which are purple. These flowers where growing where little dirt is on rocky edge.

Our strawberry patch had bumper crop. Froze over 20 quarts of berries and did up 7 pints of frozen strawberry jam.
Plus plenty to eat fresh.

To join in or visit other who does the hunt. Please visit our hostess TN CHICK

Editor Note....Murphy said we weren't up on Harvey Mountain I believe he called to Houge.


  1. The flowers in the second picture down are the the same flowers that grow free right outside my camper out in the boondocks.

    I guess they are not native to this area but I don't give a shit, they are pretty and have as much right to be here as I do.

  2. Wow, yummy jam! I would love a jar. sigh

  3. I love seeing wild flowers -- and I like eating jam too, and figure home made jam really must be something special! ;b

  4. I love those pretty flower patches.


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