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Friday, July 15, 2011

All My Love For Berries

I'm so glad my two weeks are done filling in. Usual the client aren't that bad. But it irradiates the hell out of me how medicaid runs home care.
Oh good AH-HA it can be come one good gravy train.

Murphy and I took a ride up Trail Creek to check out a spot we get huckleberries. None really ripe yet. Usual by now we are picking full force.
But this morning as I was at work he went out and pick some strawberries. I knew he put some in the freezer.
Notice some thimble berries are just starting. Not enough to even put on your cheerios, which I really like doing.

We went over to his sister Faith to pick some cherries and got a gallon. I even had to force my self not to eat them.
We took her some greens.

Even with work I mange to get in a walk or too. Only walked down to the gate.
Worked on the ceramic dragon and the next thing I'll be painting its wings.

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  1. I have some wild raspberry's here I'm too lazy to cut back, but they make good shakes and cobblers.


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