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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo Hunt (Missing/Missed)

I didn't think I was going to come up with this week theme for the photo hunt, missed/missing. Actual it didn't take long.
Last Sunday was mothers day and I didn't think I was going to get anything. In years past when our sons was at home and quite little.
I couldn't get their dad Murphy to take them shopping for mothers day. His reasoning was “Your not my mom”
I would come back and say “I'm Sawyer and Bart Mom” but it wouldn't sink into my hubby head.
Actual there was quite a few Mothers day I felt “hurt”. Mostly when I seen others get mothers day presents.
During Mother day here there is “Mud Bog” and my oldest usual goes to it.
Earlier that day LaWalla, Murphy, and I went wild crafting for morels and fiddle heads. Statement time...All lot of things are late this year. The weather been strange.
So Sawyer stop in washed his jeep off and he left me a nice bouquet of roses.
Later on that day my youngest son called to wish me a happy mothers day.
The other day when my other client had her Monday counseling and doctor appointments. I took opal over to the doggie/ball park and did a short walk.
I use to take Rex over and he and I always had a good time.
I do actual miss Rex and our walks together.

Opal is winner dog. The ones with short little legs. So it was our first time there. First thing going down the road to the river was a pair of raven walking. I could swear they where deep into conversation.
I notice our friendly geese came back. That not being honest I shouldn't use the word “friendly”. There nesting right now.
But with opal little leg we don't cover much ground.
It was good to take little opal down to the park.

I'm actual surprise on all the things I would actual miss. A lot of small things my flowers. My yellow tulips are starting to open.
This week the hummingbirds came back.
I could go on and on all the things, and people I would miss. But there only so much space.
So to join in fun please visit our hostess TN CHICK


  1. What a great post, and so true. Its all the little things we tend to take for granted that are really missed when they are gone. Happy photo hunting and weekend!

  2. You mean you actually got something for Mother's day? All I got was a lecture on commercialism from my son.

  3. great share. happy weekend.

  4. I must admit that I tend to think of my mother's birthday being the true mother's day! Fortunately for me, she does too -- and it's the day that I'm happy that she comes over to celebrate with me in Hong Kong. :)

  5. That's a ridiculous cop out on the boys' dad's part.

    Mine drew cards for me, but I took them out to dinner!


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