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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo Hunt (Cluttered)

Cluttered is a problem for me. I been trying to get this room un-cluttered. I make head way and someone comes in and toss something in to this room.
Confession time...including my self.
I would like to make this into an office/craft room.
But I need to get it un-cluttered first before I do anything else.
I could swear this room has a giant magnet.
The box that said “blue bird” went to one of local thrift store. I've only made small progress but still it progress.
So to join in the fun of photo hunt please visit our hostess Tn Chick


  1. I have the exact same problem. I've spent half an hour clearing off the kitchen counter only to have three people put stuff on it before I could even begin to roll out a pie crust. It drives me nuts.

  2. So... is the room currently a de facto store room? Find that that can happen often to spare rooms in abodes! ;S

  3. That looks like some of my rooms ;-)

  4. OH clutter is a huge issue in our house..my hubby is a "hunter gatherer" he is always collecting things and finds it hard to dispose of things. As of late we have been making a littl headway and for that I am thankful!

    I hope you get your craft/office room someday!

  5. I feel like I am constantly de-cluttering. I sometimes wish I could get rid of nearly every and be mobile.


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