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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Price to sell

I been trying to re just my attitude towards life. Most of the time recently I feel like I'm loosing my insanity. It better be the change! The one when nature not let us have any more kids that find I had my tube tied right after my last child was born. At this point the Question time...Why do we have to go though mood swings

I been recently painting on my ceramic. I thought only working part time I could do a job, keep up the place, and work on my craft. I become anry and hateful toward my self/ So when I see production I have a better on look towards life.

It been slow going but I got four Christmas ornaments done. I would like to market these around Christmas time. Depend on value of American dollar at this time I would sell them for $2.40 each.

One thing I find amazing about our local business here in Bonners Ferry the prices they charge our local people here.
Sometime I believe the merchants thinking we here is a clone of Bay area, Orange County, or Some place like 5th ave of new york.
I went to buy a large bath towels at a local shop. They want I believe well over $25 for a bath towel maybe it was close to $50.
The place is out of business.
It seem like they keep doing the same thing and hope for a complete different results that is our local mecharts think and act.


Driving down pleasant valley loop hill I notice they put in a new road. I knew the land their was part of the kootenai Indian tribe.
My grandparents lived in that area for a short period between 1938 to 1940. On the Indian land.
Now back to what I was talking about “pricing your self out your local market” Not sure what they will be doing with the

road but it clay base and every spring when things begin to thaw roads be come muddy and rigs cut in big ruts. I even seen rigs be buriedd beyond the axle.

This house they got it listed for $199,900. So I and Daisy took walk down the road. We found the place and someone bought it.
He was from California and he seem like a nice guy I guess the area he came from was about 10 miles or so from Hurst castle.
After talking to him he bought the whole thing of 80 acres and built the house.
But what I understand he went over budget. He built a road, had power brought in which is now $8.00 a foot, and water from cabinet mountain water.
There is a hold up on bring the water line up to the place. He got a membership but he waiting permission from Bonneville power to go under their power-lines.
So he want to sell a 10 acres Purcell.
I don't know what he wants to sell a 10 acre purcell for but Murphy sister Susan and hubby talked about moving into this area.

If my dad didn't have union paying job from the railroad and my mom running the berry batch. We couldn't afford to buy the house we are in now.
I resent took a pay cut and one of client hours got cut

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