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Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Know (Eat, Drink)

What is your eating and drinking style?

I know people who have a lot worst diet then me. But I do things that I know better in my diet.
That is harmful to me.
When my ass is dragging from work and the place is a mess.
I will get something prepared food in a box
Knowing it full of crap like fat, salt and sugar.
Confession time…When I’m tired from work I tend to make bad choices

I never been one to swing the pendulum one way or anther. I’m one who will rock it back and forth mostly when it comes to eating. Or other things in life.
They’re time I eat fairly healthy and their time I just eat like crap.
Maybe a good word for my eating habits would be “secular”. No special way of eating.
I know I’m not a close mind eater. I saw this cooking show and they were cooking moss.
I thought it sound interesting.

As many you know I been doing Biofeedback. With Biofeedback and changing some of my habits.
Maybe it should be better to decrease my bad ones and increase the good ones.
I have been doing a detoxing drink to get rid of the parasites.
Confession time…I’m so tired of not having energy

I wish I could afford organic food. But facts are facts we can’t afford organic. But I try real hard to eat heath in our budget.
I take a lot of safety precaution on how I eat. Sense I can’t afford organic. I’ll wash my veggies in water with a few drops of Basic H . I add the Basic H after the water in sink.
I don’t want suds.
Then I raising my veggies in plain water after the basic H.
More reading on Basic H I’m not a 100% at this.

Statement time… I’m not a true health nut or a junk food nut

Now for the water. I drink out of our tap and out of the garden hose.
There been time I drank out of running stream in the mountains.
But I could use more water in my body.
I do drink other things. Every morning I have black coffee. I like sit on the steps with cup of coffee listen to the birds sing and the wind wrestle the leaves of the tree.
This is usual when I meditate and or pray

Every month on 25th I do what I call “In The Know” I have a great deal to seek knowledge, some may say I’m a curious George or some may even say I’m a busy body.

I would like to hear from different people on In the Know. Please let other know about “In the know


  1. I an a junk food eater. I have in the past been very good at cooking good food. Hubby's cholesterol is 149 but I cheat. I use to sneak out at night and eat fast food, when we lived in St. Louis. I ate my birthday cake in 1 day -1 piece. LOL.
    So I am not one to be followed.

  2. If you are lacking energy, try taking vitamin D. That sure helped my energy level get back to normal. I saw a difference within a week. 1000mg daily. It really works for us people who live in the northern hemisphere.


  3. Hi, Peppy - thanks for 'tagging' me :) I loved your statement on “secular” eating habits!!
    I'm a Virgo, so have been interested in 'healthy eating' all my adult life. My X is a biologist, & loved collecting 'unusual' things to eat (that he knew to be edible) so I've even eaten earthworms (saute'd in butter - taste rather like clams) & nettles & lambs quarters are some of my favorite foods.
    I find that the 'healthier' I eat, the less 'bad stuff' I crave.
    I LOVEd finding out coconut oil is one of the best fats I could use - yum!! Helps lower cholesterol, increase metabolism, so helps boost energy & stimulates weight loss. I do all my cooking in coconut oil now.
    I tend to eat fresh & in season - just got a CSA membership this spring, & went to the farmer's mkt today. I don't buy much in packages, & feel great about supporting local, sustainable farms.

    I find that saute'ing a bunch of veggies in coconut oil makes for a great 'fast food dinner' - I DON'T have a microwave, & prefer not to eat anything cooked in one. Quinoa cooks in 20 min, & is a great high protein 'grain' (really a seed)
    That said, I pretty much eat what's put in front of me, if I'm at someone's house, whatever it is!
    Vit D is great for us N of 33rd paralel folks, Vit B-12 is another that can boost energy if you're low in it - I take 'dots' that disolve under the tongue. But since beginning to use the coconut oil, I've found I rarely feel like I 'need' a nap, & have lost a little weight - & am more toned :)
    My daughter just got tests back on having the gene for gluten intollerance, so we're watching that more (I tend to prefer rice & quinoa to wheat, & rarely buy bread anyway. Don't eat much pasta . . . still - challanging to totally avoid!)
    Water - I HATE that our water is fluoridated!! Blagh!! So bad for us - it's classed as more toxic than lead, basically, the chemical companies don't have to pay for disposal if they sell it to dump in our water supply!! Depresses the thyroid (coconut helps balance that) & I think is part of the fattening & sickening of America!!
    The doc. in Canada who spoke 'for' fluoridation is now against it!
    I want to buy a reverse osmosis filter (reg. filters don't remove the fluoride) - what a waste of good water!!

    hugs (& as you know, I tend to drink tea :)

  4. I did this for you on my blog

  5. Organic is expensive yes, so I am trying to grow some of our own veg. The snails are very enthusiastic about them...


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