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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Single Payer For Our Health

I been quite concern on how our medical system here in America is sit up. Recently there been talk about a ‘single health payer”
Opinion time…It a start in the right direction for all to have asset to medical care
I didn’t get the change to watch Bill Moyers journal on the 22nd of May. Please Click here and research the different options.
I would encourage to contact there elected officals I’m giving a green light for the single health care.
Info time…One time I check in purchasing private health care this was quite a few years back it would cost over 30% of our income and not quite 35% which we at that time couldn’t afford and still can’t

Did more in the veggie garden but not going to blog about it now. But thought I would get you an update on the flowerbeds.

The royal sunshine flowerbed my dark purple Iris are going gangbuster and also my dark purple tulips are also.
Plus the other plants are just doing fine.

Quite a few of our trees have pretty blooms on them.

It seems slow for any color come to life in my hodgepodge flowerbed. The lily of the valley seem to be next in line to bloom

We went into wal-mart and got two laundry totes. Which were $8.00 a piece During the summer we hang the majority of our clothes on the line to dry.
The ones we had before we had them for more then 5 years and they where starting to crack.
Plus I need to get the rest of my son Bart picture so I can finish out sending his senior graduation announcements.
Plus we adventure over were the gardening stuff. Picked up a hubbard squash and a zucchini plant.
Plus I need to get one more graduation card for one of Bart friend.

Then over to home depot. Mainly to look at showers and see the possibility what to do with our master bathroom

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  1. My self I am luck just to have insurance. As I am treated like a cash person till my spin down is met. I love your flowers. I need to get out more to see mine today before all the ires blooms are over.


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