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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joy Putting Your Hands In the Soil

Last two days Murphy and I spent planting out our veggie garden. We put in corn, green beans, yellow beans, zucchini, peppers, hubbard squash, parsnips and sunflowers.

It really doesn’t look like much now just plants and dirt. But a few things are actually poking though the dirt. I don’t know if I said anything about the kale coming up.
But I know I haven’t blogged that my kohlrabi is above the soil now just barley. Plus the potatoes are breaking the soil at fairly good rate.

My hubby is really in a depress mood. I made point about the problem with terrorist and Israel conflicted.
Murphy came back and said “God loves pain and suffering”
I don’t know if he thinks God is in favor of the political ultra conservative religious right.
Opinion time…Sure there pain in this world but I don’t believe it the whole picture
We should go back to the Gardenia center he does get a warm and positive message from there. I do also. Been busy lately

I been trying to get the rest of Bart graduation announcement out and it seem it one thing or anther with printer.
I should have had them out way before this

Update…Hubby seem to be in a better mood

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  1. He is certainly a handsome young man. Congratulations to him.

    How do you store your parsnips? I was thinking of growing them. It will be June 4th before I find if I can do any more since my sinus surgery.


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