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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yes I Can Or We Did

Sun is shinning and it feels like spring. Majority of snow is off all the beds. I have been outside doing things.
Like trying to pick up chips of paint around the shed/garage.
When Murphy pressure wash it the old paint just flew and now it on the ground.

As I was on the North side of the building I was trying to figure out were I could put a rhubarb plant.
I’m thinking of the Northeast corner of the strawberry bed.

This morning I started some red poppies. The guy who works with Murphy gave me the seeds.
I notice that some of the tomatoes and onions are up now.
I did load of laundry and hung them on the clothesline to dry.
I know the saying is true “men can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time” I did load of clothes Thursday or Friday and Murphy ask me what was going on with the laundry and I said there a load in the washer and it needs to be dried the next day and guess what.
I open the washer on Sunday and there the clothes were.
Nothing smelled musky so I took them out to the clothesline

I made some miso soup for lunch I had quite a few veggies around the place. I real like miso soup. I don’t know if it real aloud to add beans to your miso or not. I got some garbanzo beans and put them in.
I got pork lion roast for dinner. I thought of mash potatoes, and waldroff salad for dinner tonight.

As I was at the store I got 10 glad bulb a light purple to add to my royal sunshine flower bed. It cost me $2.50

I thought Bart was getting home Sunday night or early Monday morning from his trip from New Orleans.
So I put in a long day Saturday so I could go pick him up and found out he was coming home.
Saturday morning Donna and I hit the yard sales in the area 3 of them. I better mention that Rex came along.
Well I got a few things not many. I got onion holder from Tupperware for dollar and Murphy a shirt.

Sawyer is up and hopeful I can have some picture to share with all about Bart trip, he came home in shorts


  1. How wonderful you are seeing spring. Today starts winter freeze for a few days for us. I hope out blooms survive. I miss yard sales. Where I live now people put prices higher than new on there old stuff Have a great week.

  2. Some people do that here. I won't pay more then retail.


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