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Monday, April 06, 2009

There More To the Economy

Not very many chance I get to be domestic engineers. With a job I feel lot of time I short or never get time to do the special touches I would like to do to our home.
Like hang picture Honest time…I rather be outside

Murphy headed back to work it sure doesn’t look good for the tree nursery. He will be only working one week on and one week off.
So every other week he will draw unemployment.
Some how we always mange
I would say my job is a little stable then Murphy but I can see cuts coming up but the budget don’t start until July 09
Opinion time…I really think Medicaid, Homecare Care Agency, and Medicare don’t want these people to get better.

So this morning I did load of mainly t-shirts but there was a few other shirts in the laundry.
Last night I did more jeans.
Hung the clothes out to dry on the clothesline.
Picked up the branches around the veggie garden spot. Murphy sure did a lot of work on the garden.
Dug it all by hand.

It seem Murphy needs to have back ground noise going. I’m enjoying the stillness of the day excepted for birds singing and the sound of the leaves moving.
I sat on our side steps and had a cup of coffee enjoying the beautiful morning.

add a different rain gauge out in my royal sunshine flowerbed. The one I had before got a major crack not sure if it all the way though or not.
Quite a bit is showing in flowerbeds. Nothing real changes in the seeds I started. No peppers yet or celery.

Did a few thing like balance out the check book which I real don’t like. Plus I’m not a big fan of doing dishes but there done

Our account called and our taxes our ready. It cost us $210 to have them done which $55 is Bart
He files no exemption so we can use him as a deduction.
Plus it looks like we will be owing Uncle Sam and the state of Idaho about $400 not sure how it broken down.
I want to barbeque but I wasn’t sure when Murphy was getting home from work so I fired up a couple of hamburger.
The only way I prefer my hamburger is a lot of stuff on it more the better.
So hopeful tomorrow we can have barbeque ribs


  1. I am glad you got the quiet moment with your coffee amidst all the bustle.

  2. Lots going on in your life! BBQ ribs sound delicious! I hope you can make some!


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