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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter To All.

Easter is really around here for the kids. Both my boys are safely arrived at their Uncle and Aunt in Illinois.
But still I bought them goodies for Easter.
They will get it when they return.

Later on in the day Murphy and I will be going to his Sister Faith place. Faith is a good cook.
I’m bringing a leg of lamb and not sure what anyone else is bringing.
But the food is always good and so is the company.

We are planning to eat around 2 this afternoon but before that they will be having an Easter Egg hunt for the younger kids.

We both have been doing some things in yard. Racking up some leaves that we didn’t get up last fall.
I have dug up in front of Bart window were I plant my sunflower. I won’t be putting any sunflower out until after mid May.
Murphy moved the driftwood into a pile from the hodgepodge flowerbed to do some work around the area and we both like the driftwood in pile better.
This gives a wonderful chance to increase the size of the hodgepodge flowerbed.

I like to wish every one a Hoppy Easter and many blessing for the new spring


  1. Happy Easter

    Enjoy the Lamb

  2. A very Happy Easter to you and your family ~ :)

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. Sunflowers are the best. I have found that they are so beautiful & easy to grow, at least here in FL.
    Hope you had a Hoppy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter Dora...I have you had a great day....Today being Monday and a day off I spent it outside cutting the grass....cleaning around...put out the hummingbird feeders as they are back...I always know spring is here when the hummingbirds return....cheers!!!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  7. Hope you had a good Easter and have a great week

    Lots of love and I know the lamb was delicious.



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