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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There a Few Small Clues.

Part of my job and actual this part of my job I enjoy is walking Rex my friend Donna dog.
This morning we headed out on dist 5 road just pass the Kootaneni Reservation turn off.

I know there not much real big sign of spring around here it was spitting snow.
Around here they have what they call spring break up or mud vacation around here and local roads get close for heavy loads so all the county roads have these sign on them

Not sure if the highways does or not.

As we on walk looking for more signs of spring I came across Mr. Face on ole tree stump.
I have to say he did have a friendly way about him and watching thing out in the valley.
As I was walking I heard all types of birds making beautiful noise

As I got to end of my walk and as I look out toward the farmers’ field I notice there not much snow out there.
Well no snow or a decrease amount of snow is one good sign that spring is coming or winter is departure.

Last Sunday Murphy and I stop in at the good will in Sandpoint and I found this incense burner that I’m add to my winter box.
As in past post I was making up a gift box with things I got at all sort of neat things and at holidays someone will hide an Christmas Ornament and the child who finds it will be able to be a Santa Elf (helper) and give out the gift as he or she see fit. I have decided to call this my winter box


  1. It was fun to go on this walk with you and Rex. Mr. Face is amazing! I wish I could have heard the birds. They're just starting to speak up here.

  2. What a lovely walk and exploration! Have you ever seen whole trees that have faces? They are so cool!

    Peppy you are so full of such fresh ideas! I love the winter box idea :)


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