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Monday, March 23, 2009

Katka Is Starting To Bloom

My friend Quenelle lives up on Katka Mountain is pretty well northwest of us as the crow flies. But it more an easterly flight for the birds.
If you notice there more spring there then my home.
Murphy and I help her with a few chores, which we can’t do around here. We haul her some water up and all of us covered her flowerbeds the deer been munching on them.
Plus we all had a great visit and cowboy coffee.

She has been letting her Turkeys roam to get the early spring bugs. I saw my first house fly at her place. Plus the Tom been putting on quite the show and looking or trying to impress the ladies.

I would have to say at this point she about two weeks a head of me. We are actual about the same in altitude I’m a little higher.
I think it sloop and how the sun hits.
I still have snow in our yard and I still have on flowerbed with quite a bit of snow left. As you can see she has flowers in bloom.


  1. I like the 'rock' garden, it looks like your friend has the same taste as I.

    Nice turkey shot. The wild males are displaying here and I'm hoping to get a photo. Unfortunately they think anything less than a 1/4 mile is getting too close.

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous Tom turkey! Nice photo.

    Love the spring flower pictures, too. Spring in the mountains is so pretty.


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