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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Did and Should Of.

I haven’t done very well at my tops meeting.
That’s my weight lost group and I know the area I screw up in.
I kept a food and activity journal on piece of paper but keeping it all together was big pain in ass.
I knew under our basement stairs was so office like supplies and there was a blue note book journal
This should help.
Plus my water in take has been down
Statement time…around 2 in the afternoon I start to eat uncontrollable and 98% of the time I make pour choices in foods I pick

I don’t know why been I decided to look for some old friends. There was this family of 5 children who lived across the field when I was younger.
I lived on Cataldo and they lived on Pierce.
They were the LaShaw, Pat and Marjorie was the parent.
The children were Judy, Patty, Diane, Janet and Doug. The two younger one was the same age as me.
They moved to Rockford Washington and Janet graduated out of Freeman high school in 79.
I heard the parents move back to Texas and back to the Spokane area.
I heard the mom passed away and after doing an internet search and found out there dad is also dead.
The obituary records wants to charge

I was reading my Coffee pal blogs and Pea is always a great person to find out info on what going on in the blog world.
She posted a give away from Gina and I thought I too would get the word out


  1. Hope you do better with tops since you have the journal.

    Have a great rest of the week..

    Love, Jess

  2. Love those coffee pots. Ah yes, taking off weight. Not so easy. Hope things get better.

  3. Don't kick yourself...just keep going if that is your goal. Journaling does help with food and money.

    Have a great Thursday. Are we syre Spring is coming? It is so cold outside.


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