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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Head or Tail (point)

Some Irish Proverbs.
1. By degrees the castles are built.
2. Making the beginning is one third of the work.
3. If you have one pair of good soles its better than two pairs of good uppers.
4. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
5. Don't rest your eyes beyond what is your own.
Note time..My mom would say this one quite a bit and even to my dad or she would tell him…”the only thing different between a man a woman is a man would stand up and pee”

It Tuesday and I don’t recall doing Heads or Tail but after taking a peak at last week theme I don’t believe I did.
So I’m playing this week and the theme is Point and next week theme is "Common"

On St Patty day I always make it point were green on this day.
I know the picture of me above doesn’t look like I have green on but I do have a deep dark green sweeter on.
99.8% we have corn beef which I have in the oven now. Later on I’ll steam up some veggies and boil some red potatoes.
Couple of other point I should point to some other things about my Irish heritage my mom side one time lived in Antrim County or the Irish would say “Contae Aontroma or simply Aontroim” Antrim is in the Ulster province
I been told other stories which I don’t even know if they are true or not. So I should make it a point to research the facts to find out if there true or false.
I been told we are the Black Irish well not everyone on my mom side is dark.
If truth were told I have the olive complexion and dark hair of my dad. As for heritage I’m real mix of things.
There this story how my family came over from Ireland. Some great grand daddy many years ago before the days of King George III said something rude about the king and he had a choice to be ship to America or have his ear cut off.
Well he choose the trip to America and landed some were around Pennsylvania If you take a close look at a map of Pennsylvania there a little bit of water but I don’t know if this was or is some type of port

Yesterday I made it point to check out some of my flowerbeds and see what is going on.
The “Royal Sunshine” flowerbed has no soil showing but more the edge rocks are showing.
I notice both in my hodgepodge bed under the front window I have some bulb coming up the also in my patriotic bed I also have bulbs coming up.
I haven’t a clue what they area


  1. Nice post! Before long, the green thingies will have flowers and then you can see what they are. I wouldn't know, but maybe you will! Glad you wore your green today.

  2. Great Point and wonderful post!

  3. I didn't play last week either. :P

    I can plainly see that you are wearing green. Hurray! When I was in school pinching someone for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day was the thing to do.

    Corned beef sounds delicious.

    I would have taken the trip instead of the ear amputation, too. ;)


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