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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Coffee Pals of Broadway Elementary

Last night I start doing my self on facebook. As I was doing my thing with facebook and all the possibility of getting to know others who in some way are like me and not like me.
I actual like a wide variety of people as friends.
It helps me to become more of loving spirit toward others and my self

As I was looking at the groups though facebook and the people who part of facebook I start to wonder about people who I knew in my younger years.
I start to wonder about the kids who went to Broadway Elementary.
When I went there was 2 classes for each grade and they did have a 6th grade.
I only lived a few blocks from school and walked to school and all the neighbor hood kids of that area we all went to the same school.
I wonder what happen to the Holland Kids and there was 5 kids in that family. Larry, Teri, Bob who was a year older then me and Bruce who was year younger then I.
Plus their younger sister, Cheryl.
Next to Hollands was the LaShaw family who also had 5 kids. Judy, Patty, Diane, Janice and Doug the two younger ones were the same age as me.
But they moved out to Rockford and they went to Freeman High Janice and Doug went there.
Then when I was in Elementary the Blackwoods moved into the area but they lived more by University City.
There were 5 girls in that family but I only recall the two younger one Jonnie and Joyce.
Joyce was in my class they move to the Spokane area when I was in 5th grade.
Then over East of us was the Dionne Sue and Nancy. Nancy was in my class.
Father East was the Wheeler family and a kid name Doug was in my class he had quite a few siblings.
Well on the other side of us actual West on Harold Road was the Wilsons. I recall a Larry Wilson who lived on the North side of Broadway and I recall going there and they had old shed he and I would get on the roof.
His cousin anther Wilson family who had a bunch of girls
The only one I recall there first name were Ida and Kathy.
In middle of 1st grade Mrs Jones class a young boy name Doug Hutton came to area but after Broadway he went over to Blake Elementary he had younger sister.

Today Murphy and I went to Gardenia Center in Sandpoint and had wonderful speaker who hit home in lot of ways.
Well he brought up a lot great points but one was on perception on how we view others and our self.
Well there was this girl name Debbie Farr who just rubbed me the wrong way. I thought she was a little snob.
But looking back she had her group of friends who she must not rubbed the wrong way

Now all these people are middle age just like me and I guess I’m wondering what every happen to these people



  1. Oh I remember those school days well. One year there were 5 girls named Susan in my class. I told my mother I should have been named Susan. Ha!

    We had 5 kids in our family. Most of the neighbourhood families were 4 or more children. Big families back then and lots of kids to play with, especially in the summer.

  2. I sent you a friend request. :)


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