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Monday, February 16, 2009

Who Do You Think Is Our Best President

Today is president day and it day to recognize our 44 president who was leader of our country.

Though out history we have rated our president and we all have our opinion on who is number one.
But do we pick our presidents from Myths
I found some trivia facts about our presidents or try this link
As you know we been celebrating Lincoln 200th birthday. I’ve heard that he had connection with the Spiritualist
But also I heard lot Lincoln speeches was base from bible and works of Shakespeare

Now when it comes to ranking of past presidents it’s all in what question are asked.
I bet there question to ask and Dubya would be highly rated and then ask some question and Washington could be the bottom of the pit.
It also what side of the coin you are willing to believe on how one ranking of the president may be yahoo news and even cspan
So who would you rate as the top 5 presidents.?
I would rate this as top 5.
1. Teddy Roosevelt
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. James Monroe
4. Franklin Roosevelt
5. Abraham Lincoln


  1. Franklin Roosevelt is my personal best.

  2. Peppylady,

    I am not from the US, but here are my five choices for Presidents.

    1. Abraham Lincoln
    2. John F. Kennedy
    3. Dwight G. Eisenhower
    4. Teddy Roosevelt
    5. George Washington.

    Not necessarily in that order. I find the lives of these men intriguing, as I do President Obama.

    Fun Quiz.



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