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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Pitfall Short in My Life Now

As many of you already know there going to switch from analog to digital although in our area the switch will be different.
As most cases when things happen in the out laying communities of populated areas the FCC forgot or never considered the people who may be using Broadcast relay station or Translators to get there television single.
We may have to buy a special
for our place. But also there saying depending on your location and were the translator is located it might not work.
I know if I got a satellite dish for television it would work.
At this time do to our economy I don’t feel comfortable putting in a satellite tv and there no cable company out here.
We will investigate into different types of antenna to receive a digital single. Not sure what we are willing to pay for it.
Our antenna is about 20 years old and we paid $90 for it then and got good use out of it.
Then if we find one that may work with digital off the translators I want a money back guarantee.
So the bottom line may be we won’t be having any television so place in the future

Now my printer is also having it problems.
I’m not sure what going on or even what to look up under the help section.
The first problem came about when I was printing off my weather report that I put in my Christmas cards to be sent out.
So I decide to add a small picture to each letter relating to the weather and I was going to change the picture though out.
Well some how now my printer won’t print out blue and it usual comes out pinkish tones.
When I take shots of snow the sky may be blue put it will come out on pinkish side.
If something has majority color of yellow tones it seem to take over.
Like in fall when the tree leaves have both green and gold leaves on it. It will show the goldish tones though out the tree. Then also have a light goldish tinge to entire print.
Now the printer is also starting a new problem.
They’re saying I have paper jammed in it. It will print our one page and then it tells me I have a paper jam.
They’re no paper jam.
So this morning I un hooked the printer and clean it and later on I’ll hook it all up and see if it works right

I get handy tips on taking picture though my camera brand via e-mail. And I print and save these.
So I decided to give one of lesson a whirl.
First, try focusing your camera on a darker object, then press the shutter down halfway so it meters the dark object instead of the snow. Next, without lifting your finger, re-frame your photo to capture the shot you actually want, and depress the shutter button the rest of the way down to take the picture.
So I went out in back yard and tried this lesson. Here my results.

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