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Sunday, February 01, 2009

January 09 (weather & spending)

JANUARY 09 (Weather)
The hottest day in January was 45.0 (7.2) on the 8th
The coldest day in January was –8.5 (22.5) on the 4th
Average high for the month was 37.8 (3.2)
Average cold for the month was 24.1 (4.3)
Snowfall for the month 17.50 (44.45)
On the average it was 10 (12.2) degree warmer this January then 08.
I order my seeds hoping spring might come faster.

JANUARY 09 (Spending)
Food $770.12
Medical $153.07
Gas $34.66
Shoes $64.99
Walmart $14.34
Water $76.60
Internet connection $20.00
Electrical $76.63
Gas Heat $48.00
Shaklee laundry soap (5.5 pounds) $22.58)
Present, Cards, Stamps and Misc $27.83
We took in $1,324 and spent $1,308
This for 3 human, 1 dog, and 2 Cats
Grape Tomatoes sold at $1.99 for a pint
Cat Food Can (5.5 oz) .68¢
18 eggs $2.38


  1. Gee - you are doing well. For 3 people you did not spend much!! Good bugeting.

  2. Your heating and electric bills are way lover than ours. But water is 47. here.

  3. Great budgeting!

    Have a great week

  4. That's good budgeting. Food seems to take up most of your expenses.

    Here in Singapore, it's our house and car. :)

  5. I ought to try looking at what I spend in a month for evertyhing. there never seems to be enough money for it all....


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