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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Know (Pipe Dream)

Every so often when I was a little girl. I would come up with some wild ideal or dream of what I want to do.
My mom would say “That is sure a nice pipe dream” and I have to say even to day my pipe dreams goes on.

I’ve always have a love for history all periods of history.
When I was little I was going to invent a Time Machine and go back and meet all these neat people from days gone by.
But also I recall asking my mom and dad about the good ole days. Both my parents chuckled and told me about it.
I recall asking my mom about the stock market of 29 and what it met to her. She would say what does it mean to 6 year old kid who starting school.
Sense my dad worked years on the railroad I would listen to all the place and culture of place he been.
He once worked on railroad in the southeast part of the United States and told me how this Negro man was terrible afraid of the whites.
And he told me how one black man wanted some tobacco and got on his knee and bag for it.
This was way before the civil right movement.
I believe this real cracked up my parents I use to ask them about riding in the covered wagon.

I still have dreams and goals and if there still pipe dreams I don’t know.
I thought of being a United States Senator. With common sense and compassion toward my fellow citizen I would make a good one.

I have dream of having my own line of interior design for the home and yard

I also thought of writing a book a reference bookcalled “Cross Reference of all the World Faiths”
Statement time..I see more in common in different faiths of the world although they use different terms but they have the same basic teaching of Love god with all your heart

I hope you find time to post your pipe dreams of on your blog and the next month in the know will be What is right and wrong with your job
The next In The Know will be Wednesday March 25th


  1. I love reading about your dreams. If you created that time machine, when's the first place you'd visit

  2. OH! A time machine! Yes! What a splendid dream. And it isn't made of pipes, but magic! :)

  3. Such a lot of interesting dreams. So much imagination and passion. Just wonderful. I love the idea of a time machine myself.


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