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Monday, February 02, 2009

Imbolc and the Eggs Quite Fell Out of the Basket

Saturday Bart drove us down to see Sawyer and we had a nice visit. He doing ok and look good still a little sore from the wreck.
We’re having a little trouble collecting from the other guy insurance allstate insurance There ads says your in good hand I say “Not”
So my son had to go get an lawyer to get what is rightful ours money for the car and his injuries which my guess should be between $3,000 and $5,000

The other day Murphy defrost the freezer and now it doesn’t work. A while a go our dishwasher went out.
Both our new and both our Kenmore both lasted less then 3 years.
No more Kenmore appliances for this family.

But I can’t say every egg in the basket went to hell. Amy took me shoe shopping and looked at the thrift store on east saltice way in post falls.
I found a pair of shoes at Calbelas

And got this little glass jar at Saint Vincent De Paul and only paid $1.75 which will go in my Santa bag for Christmas of 09.
Everything in my Santa bag or box is under $2.50
I was real impressed with the hospice thrift store although I didn’t pick up anything it was reasonable price and clean.

Happy Imbolc to all


  1. Allstate is the worst insurance company. I had them, and they dropped me after a minor accident because "my credit was bad"-which was total b.s.

  2. Happy Imbolc to you too Peppy! May she shower you with all her blessings! :)Glad to hear Sawyer is doing better. :)

  3. Happy Imbolc!

    Sorry to hear about Sawyer's accident. I hope he gets his compensation.

  4. When all the electric things in your house break down, it means there are changes going on. The energy is shifting. Hopefully towards lots of good things.
    Happy Imbolc!

  5. Happy Imbolc!

    Wow, I'm surprised to hear you're having trouble with Kenmore appliances, they're supposed to be some of the better ones. So sorry to hear it! Did you lose a lot out of your deep freeze? Hope not.


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