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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I know I Can't Get Rid Of Old Man Winter Left Overs.

Last few days I wasn’t sure what I real want to post about. As always my life is real quite boring.
I’m not complaining which I call it my “uneventful life” which I give many thanks for

Well there one thing I do know there a drawing over at Pia she giving a way a surprise I’ll say the blogger giveways and swaps are great fun.

Well I thought I was taking Faith to Sandpoint but that surely didn’t happen we just did some of our things in local area.

We stopped in at Quality farm and garden and she got some garden supplies to start her seedlings.

I picked up a few more seeds. I believe I pretty well got everything now.
So I got some
1. Parsnips (Hollow Cream)
2. Gourds (Sponge)
3. Strawflower (Pierrot)
4. Zinnia (Linearrs)
5. Pumpkin (Jack O Lanterns)
6. Kale (Blue Scotch Curled)
7. Gourds (bird house)
The only thing I can think of getting is some winter squash. We both like spaghetti and carnival ones.

My rain gauge out in flower bed got a big ole spilt in it so it leaks buckets.
So I pop in at local dollar store and got one for like $1.50.
I think we paid well over $10.00 for the other one

I guess I real want spring to come there is still a good food of snow out in our yard still


  1. I sure wish gourds were readily available where I live. A very nice seed selection indeed, peppylady! :)

    love, light and peace,

  2. We have tons of snow here yet too and I can't even think about planting anything for another 3 months or so yet...the vegetable garden can't be planted until early June here! Sigh. It's been such a longgggg winter already! Hope all is well with you and I always enjoy coming by for a cup of coffee with you:-) xoxo


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