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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sometime We're Just Plain Stupid

As I was frying my self a couple of eggs over easy. I receive a collect call from one of Sawyer friend Heinz.
Well he got picked up for Drunk Driving and called me to get hold of my son Sawyer for bail of $800.00.
The only type of phone Sawyer has is a cell phone and the jail around here won’t let you call anyone on a cell phone.
Do I think Heinz was drunk? Let me say there is a real good chance and yes he should have been tossed in jail.
He could of hurt someone or even killed someone.
Plus I think it cost just under $150 for getting his car out of impound.
Now he has to go to court and I’m not sure what will happen but it going to cost him in lot of ways.
Higher insurance rates and have to pay for an alcohol assessment.
What every his is fine and court cost will be.
Then also they had a charge on him pending.
He went to court for trying to buy beer underage and they basically told him if he had no alcohol related charge for two years and then they would drop it but if he get an alcohol charge they would bring the purchasing alcohol as someone who is under 21.
Statement time…I know the prefect punishment for Heinz for him would be have him call his mom up she still pretty well wants him to her apron strings.
Then also have him attend 4 Catholic masses
I know that would get to him

I went to town today and got some things.
But I stop in at the dollar depot and got two things to add to my stockings stuffers for 09 one is some brown shoelaces and a hole punch

Well I’ve been wanting to post on something how wonderful my hubby Murphy is.
We have been together for 25 years.
I have been asked what the secret how to keep a marriage together.
Oh I wish I knew. Let say some time he been a royal pain in the ass and the other day he been a saint.
All of the time he is pretty loving husband and father.
But all in all I sure grateful for all he is and does.
I see married couples look right though there partners and this bugs me. I don’t believe for moment that Murphy every looked though me.
But I’m not stupid and he doesn't agrees or see eye to eye with everything I do.
I also echo the last sentence above.
He is very helpful around the place and knows taking care of the home is no easy task.
Right now he laid off from work and he been keeping up on the house.
Plus he is an excellent cook.


  1. Aww! What a touching tribute to your husband and your marriage. Quite a few married couples could learn a lesson from the two of you. :)

    As for the drunken fool... He needs to take his punishment. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.

  2. I agree with Genie Sea. Can't think of anything else to add!

  3. Thanks for inviting me over... I'll have my coffee strong and black please...and thank you.

    Very touching paragraph about that true love stuff and it was so mushy! lol

    After 25 years...well I'm sure I'd be the same way! Congrats on making it this far!

    Love, jess

  4. Murphy sounds like a great guy!
    As for Sawyers friend...hope he didn't get bailed out!

  5. That's tougher stuff for drunk drivers than some stories I've heard. I can't say I'm not glad. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for him?

    Beautiful tribute to your husband! When someone makes you food, what can be more loving and beautiful?


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