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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reading (Time)

I now have the time to do a reading and as I don’t have any set rules of doing a reading.
I like to do it by a new moon
Some time it may come from a spiritual cards or books.
Then other time I might just fine a word or some quotation.
But the word comes from my inter self is Time

There this saying and I real don’t even know it biblical or not. It go something like this.
“Wasting time is to allowed the devil to do his work” Confession time…I daydream quite a bit and I’ll be 49 next month shouldn’t that be for youngsters.
But I know their things I need to change when it comes to time management.
In the morning I keep saying I’m going to meditate and drink less coffee. What I do most of the time is drink almost a pot of coffee and set on my hinny and watch the news. I real don’t need to watch 1 ½ hours of local news a half hour is plenty because it just repeats it self.
Then the national news is on. I usual only watch a ½ hour of this because I’m heading off to work.
But if not I’ll watch and waste more time.

Then on my days off I’ll piddle around and real don’t accomplish anything. Sometime if I write out and to do list and keep it handy it seem to help.
Confession time…One thing I don’t care for is schedule that is real tight For example
8:10 AM Brush your teeth
8:12 AM Rinse mouth.
8:13 AM Wash out sink.
But I know I need some time of structure in my life.

One time I said I was going to clean out all the closet in my home. Well the only thing I did was purge our bedroom closet and hasn’t been back to any of them.
I also said I was going to do ceramic more or embroidery. I haven’t touch them in a week

I have some health habits I want to change ok I might do it for a day or two.
Then I could say I do them “half hazard”
One thing I start but never keep to is an exercise routine. Nothing fancy maybe something like 10 minute a day and I might do it here and there.

Then I know I have actual said that I’m going to read more and use my old brain more and what to I do.
Is more day dreaming.

I real don’t think of evil things and lot of time it to do good for others. But I know I need to get on board of life

The week before this I won the paper weight in our T.O.P.S group for most weight lost 1 ¼ pounds and this week I gain 3 pounds.

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  1. I can sympathise with you about the exercise thing. I've just begun doing dancing to any music I like. It's fun, so it doesn't feel like exercise, and you can do ten minutes whenever.


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