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Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh The Mind Is Wonderful

I been a part of blog book group and on my side bar there a link to it. Just click on the book.

Well today topic is where I one might get there ideals to create.
I guess mine comes in many forms.
But I have to give credit to our brain that some how comes up with creative ideals.
Believe time…The creator gave us a brain to use.
I don’t have any one source for creative out let but I have many.
It strange some time how something I’ll look at, smell or sound will get the juices going to create.
But there been time I’ll see something I can see something in it but it needs tweaking just something and I’ll walk away and in due time I’ll have an ah-ha moment.

I’m moving along on Santa. Confession time…I’m starting to not get upset with time.
I’m learning to appreciative for time even if it less then an hour to create

About two week ago I did this meme called where in world will this word take me.
I’m doing this closes Friday to first and last quarter of each moon.
So I pick three words which you place in your search box on blog site and paste and copy the first and last sentence.
The words are nasty, north, and never.

NastyI’m tired from work all though I’m not sure who got up the most to pee. Murphy or I.
But I have to say it something real don’t interest me going to

NorthI real like the way the moon appeared in the sky last night although I didn’t get much of picture maybe the reason is. “It was so cold out side and the wind was coming straight out of the north with gust up to 40 miles an hour.”
Still have a survey going on my side bar until Christmas Eve on number of present one is buying.

NeverSo I didn’t sleep that entire well and had this head ache most of the day one of those dull ones.
Well I hear all sort of stories about this group and as most religion I believe other faith want to shine a negative light on it.

Note time…Nasty and Never took me to the same post so on Never I used the second sentence


  1. Is is great to be creative like this you never know where the web will take you.
    Have a great week end.

  2. Oh! I love your bathtub Santa.

    It's funny how little things will inspire us - a song,cloud shape - and we're off!

  3. I'm reading this book as well.

    I am also amazed at what sparks my creativity! Sometimes, it's a song on the radio, or a commercial on TV, or a silly word that my twin sons will say.

    And there's nothing like an ah-ah moment!

  4. The mind is wonderful, and your mind is especially whimsical and funny and wonderful.

  5. You do have many ways to create, it's so true! And they're all important. All of them. What a great exercise! It's too cold for me to go out and see the moon. I'm amazed you did. You are amazing Peppylady. I'm glad you are seeing yourself that way! Embrace the joy when you're at home, living a beautiful life.

  6. Yeah! The mind is wonderful. And I love how you created little poems (that's my mind at work!) with using three words and seeing (literally) where they lead you.

    Re: chickens as farm animals! I always considered that I'd have a certain, fairly practical-as-well-as-appreciative relationship with them. Then my kids decided otherwise ....! Now I have a mix of this-and-that with the hens going on! :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    ~Jane of the Medicine Tree


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