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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Metal to Metal

I was going to post this Wednesday and I could of post it Tuesday. I’m ready for slow down in my life.
Over Martin Luther King Holiday well actual Sunday our Son Sawyer decided to come up for a visit.
So Sunday was real quite and Monday start out as usual I went to work and Sawyer was out and about.
Well he got in car accident.
I guess you want to hear what happen.

He was stop on the south hill at the corner of highway 95 south (South main) and Alderson lane right by Exxon station (Dycks) at a red light and soon as it turn green he went though the intersection toward the north and this drunk drivers pulls out of Zip Trip in front of sawyer and he rears ends him.
Well Sawyer didn’t think he was a bad person and actual seem quite nice.
But after the Idaho State patrolman showed up and start to give this guy a roadside drunkenness test and then he could see he was under the influence of alcohol.
Then to find out the guy was driving on suspended driver liaisons.
Plus he has had his liaison suspend from two other states.
So off to jail he went.

No bad injuries but his neck, shoulder, and back hurt so I took him over to the emergency room. We have medical on our vehicle insurance and the guy also had insurance but I don’t know if his company will cover us since he was driving with suspend driver liaisons and under the influence of alcohol.

I talk to him briefly and told him this Saturday the family was having a birthday bash for some of my Uncle and Aunts who is 79 years plus.
Since I had him on the phone I ask him if he was doing and he said he pretty sore still

I know enough about insurance companies they seem to wiggle out of there responsibility and no wonder they are getting sued


  1. Ack! What a horrible experience! I am glad your son is mostly okay but I know how painful back and neck injuries can be. I wish him a speedy recovery. And that the insurance company act human for a change.

  2. I'm glad Sawyer was not injured any worse than he is. Sounds to me like he has Whiplash, not fun. I wish him the best and hope he's feeling better real soon.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Wow! Good to hear that he's going to be alright.
    Sending healing energies....

  4. What an awful time!

    Hope he recovers soon and completely

    Love, Jess

  5. Peppylady,

    I'm so sorry about the accident but am glad that your son wasn't hurt. He will be sore as accidents tend to bounce you around.

    I was in an accident in 1988 that left me with a spinal and hip injury. Very painful. I also had whiplash and suspect Sawyer has also.

    I doubt the impaired driver's insurance will cover him, as he was breaking the law and most insurance policies state that they aren't responsible if you are breaking the law when anything happens. I'm not sure about US insurance. Here in Ontario, we have no-fault insurance, so if the other driver's insurance doesn't cover the costs, yours does. That is one of it's good points. It also has lots of bad points.

    Take care. I will be praying for Sawyer.


  6. I was in a bad car accident last year, it'll take a while to shake off the stiffness and the soreness. It's a scary thing to go through but I'm glad it sounds like he's going to be OK.


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